Updated Ideas On Useful Tactics In Medical Care Care For Problems With Lungs

Factors fueling growth In Massachusetts, where theres a prominent academic medical establishment and large population of primary care doctors, urgent care centers havent historically gained the sort of traction theyve previously enjoyed in other parts of the country, Ginter said. That began to change a few years ago, when the Affordable Care Act led to a surge in the number of insured patients seeking care. It seems like things are moving very fast in Massachusetts, but Massachusetts is very late to the party, Ginter said. Urgent care has existed around the country for a couple decades, but its about a 5-year-old industry here in Massachusetts. A search for ways to control rising health care costs has also been a major factor in the growth of the urgent care industry, he said. The average urgent care visit costs $150, compared to $1,354, according to the UCAOA. Theres an inherently high cost with a hospital ER, Ginter said. They have very high-cost and highly qualified people and are typically designed as a trauma setting. Were not staffing with trauma surgeons and heart doctors. In hospital systems, everything is fully integrated and designed cheers for life-or-death situations. Perhaps the largest factor, though, is convenience, he said. Finding a niche CareWell opened its first center in 2012, and now has 16 in Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island. In recent years, the chain has entered into affiliations with hospital systems, including Lahey Health, Mount Auburn Hospital and UMass Memorial Health Care.

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