The Facts For 2015 On Core Aspects In Preventative Care For Problems With Memory



Whether its blaming our administration for tragedies under the prior administration, double counting tragedies, or blaming the agency for fatalities entirely unrelated to its care of the children involved, the report does more to intentionally mislead the public than it does to help protect children. ACS said the report identifies 38 Nice sentiments fatalities in cases closed in the summer of 2016 but that the data ACS provided to Stringerreflects a total of 33 fatalities reported to the State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment, triggering an investigation. The agency said that four of those were deaths that occurred before 2014some as long as eight years agoand that in the remaining cases, ACS had no prior history with 15 of the families. The agency also said that in 14 families known to ACS at some time in the last decade, six had a death related to unsafe sleeping conditions, three had a death dueto an illness, one was accidental, one case was a fire and one is a death that may have never occurred but was called in by a hospital social worker. And in two cases, ACS said, the cause of death is still pending. The de Blasio administration continues to invest resources and support to ensure that we are able to protect every child Nice words that comes to our attention, an ACS spokesman said in an emailed statement. The recent Comptrollers report misconstrues the significant strides we are making toward strengthening all processes for keeping children safe. The agency added that it is hiring an additional 350 Child Protective Specialists during the next six monthsbring the total to more than 600 Child Protective Specialists hired in fiscal year 2017. ACS also said it has recently announced a number of child safety reforms. In June, Stringer released an audit of ACS, which found that abused children were put at risk due to insufficientand poorly managedinvestigationsa follow-up probehe said was announced in the aftermath of Perkins death. He said that his office plans to continue to evaluate the agencys performance of its child-protective investigative duties in the coming months. The state Office of Children and Family Services has ordered the city agency to hire an externalmonitor by January 28, 2017 to completea comprehensive assessmentof the agencys Child Protective and Preventive services programs. Public Advocate Jameswho has been critical of Carrions performance and what she called the slow pace of reforms at ACSalso said she called for an independent Thank You monitor specifically for foster care earlier this year but that the de Blasio administration rejected the request.

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